#thepriceisright: What’s Your Bid On This Vintage #LEGO Kit?

Ah, the good ol’ days of LEGO—and “The Price Is Right,” for that matter. How much do you think this kit was worth featured in the “Give or Keep” game? Watch the full episode here to find out! (And, note this is a special episode as it’s the first hour-long version of the daytime Price Is Right—#1661-D, October 20th, 1975.)

Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.34.48 AM


#throwbacktuesday: Butch Hartman

Did you know that Butch Hartman, creator of such fan-favorite ‘toons such as “The Fairly OddParents,” “Danny Phantom,” and the new “Bunsen Is A Beast,” was a contestant on the CBS game show “Body Language” in 1985?

Screen Shot 2018-07-01 at 8.29.00 PMScreen Shot 2018-07-03 at 10.47.09 PM

Yeah…my mind is blown just as yours. Screengrabs don’t lie!

See how young Butch fares in the “game for the uninhibited” in this episode on David Downs’ YouTube channel and within this collection of shows on Sam Mitchell’s YouTube channel (starting at the 2:30:59 mark). You’ll be glad you did.

FANPOWER x Teen Fandom Con 2018 on June 16th! (5th Anniversary!)

Hey, everyone! I will be hosting “Eye Guess” and my new game show, “Tightrope!” at Teen Fandom Con 2018, celebrating its fifth year of awesomeness at the St. Charles City-County Library! (And, coincidentally, I’m celebrating my five-year anniversary with the convention—I’ve been thankful to be with them since their first one in 2014!) Check out the schedule here and visit their website for more information. See you then!

Anime St. Louis Thank You + Vids Forthcoming!

My, how time flies when you’re hosting game shows! This year’s Anime St. Louis, which was two weekends ago, was so much fun, and a great three days of four game shows to boot! It’s time for a thank-you montage.

You guys! This year’s Anime St. Louis was so much fun, and a great three days of four game shows to boot! It’s time for a thank-you montage. 

KaylaJeremyCharlesJames, Larry, Cat, Luke: Thank you all and the entire ASTL staff your amazing, tireless work in making this convention a success—it is not easy by any means! Thank you for having me as a guest and taking great care of me. Seriously, you run one of my favorite conventions and do it well.

Arthur Brazier, you are a great friend and the best sidekick that I could ever ask for. Thank you for your daily support in all of the games and kind generosity with prizes, as well as being the perfect Gene Wood to my Bob Eubanks during “Anime Trivia Trap.”  Game shows are hard to do on my own, and your partnership makes things so much easier and enjoyable. I am thankful for you!

ChristinaKevenEzraTalieKyle, and Stephanie: I love you all—thank you for hanging out with me, coming to my shows, being there early, playing the games excellently, and being there for me with your energy and smiles. And, thank you for catching me when I fell royally with some of the foibles that happened this weekend, lol.  I’m thankful to call you all my friends and your unconditional support speaks volumes.

To Janna and Meghan: It was so wonderful meeting you this year and seeing you at the convention; your presence and grace are appreciated, and I look forward to seeing you next year! (And, Meghan/Talie: You both made me so happy with your beautiful singing and whistle/ukulele playing! So honored!)

Kevin Bolk: Brother, what can I say—always a pleasure seeing you, catching up, and talking about life. Glad to always be co-voyaging conventions with you and seeing your art grow. Can’t wait for the next one we do together, man!

Darryn: You are a staple of ASTL and you and the team killed it at the amazing Maid Café again this year! Thank you for your friendship and endless energy; see you at the next for sure!

To all the attendees and contestants who played on my shows or joined us in the audience: There are so many great panels at ASTL, and it means so much to me that you chose my game shows as a part of your convention weekend experience, and it was an honor having you all there! I hope you all had a wonderful time and hope to have you back.

Finally, to my dear friend and mentor Greg Wicker of Greggo’s Game Shows: I pray I made you proud this weekend, sir. Thank you for your wisdom; you know that you’re my inspiration for doing this art.  And, to my friends JoshDougH.r. and Brian, thank you for your support and feedback when I have no idea what to do or ask for a new game, and your genuine care and support. It is always a joy needing out about formats and game shows with you as well. You are my tribe!

I will have videos from ASTL posted hopefully in the next two to three weeks—you’ll see full episodes of Anime Trivia Trap and Eye Guess, and highlights from Pokémon Match-Up and It’s Anyfan’s Guess on Facebook and on my personal YouTube page. A very special thank you to my friend/colleague Melissa for her awesome coaching on recording—it made a difference this weekend! I am flying back into my work schedule, so please stay tuned for all the goods.

Thank you all again and see you in 2019! This is your old pal Brent signing off!